Startup Business Branding Checklist

Starting your own business can be both exciting and overwhelming! One of the most important things you can do for your business is have consistent branding that will be easily recognizable by your customers! Your brand is the face of your business and you want to be sure it looks professional, reliable, and shows of what your business does best! I've compiled a list of branding elements that will help bring your startup to life and grow your new business!

1. Professional Logo: It's so important to have a professional logo that your customers will recognize! This logo can be used on everything from your business cards & website to promotional t-shirts and pens (AKA - free advertising for your business!)

2. Consistent Color Scheme: After your logo - it's important to identify what colors go along with your logo and will work to represent your brand. It's good to stick with 3-5 colors that are work together to create a cohesive look across all of your branding both on and offline.

3. Consistent Fonts: Maybe it's the font used in your logo, maybe it's something else entirely - but it's important to identify 2-3 fonts that your brand will use throughout all of your assets (invoices, website text, advertisements, flyers, etc.) to keep things consistent and professional.

4. Social Media Post Template: Whether you're using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter - your online presence is vital to your business's success these days. It's important to make sure you present a consistent image online for your brand. Having a Social Media Post Template can make posting online a breeze!

5. Social Media Icons/Instagram Highlight Icons: Depending on the size and shape of your logo - it may not fit perfectly inside the Facebook profile picture square or Instagram icon circle. You'll need a variation of your logo made especially for social media. If you're using instagram - You'll also want to be sure that your highlight icons are consistent - matching up with your brand color scheme & fonts!

6. Business Cards: Whether your business is mainly online or offline - business cards are especially important! They allow you to easily pass on your contact information to potential customers. Having well-designed business cards with your professionally designed logo, color scheme & social media handles can attract new customers and grow your business!

If all of this sounds overwhelming - fill out my contact form here. I'd love to work with you on creating a custom branding package that fits your needs and helps you to grow your business!

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