5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Need a Website

This article was written by Youmi from Youmique Studios! She's an expert on strategic web design and digital strategy. Be sure to check out her website or connect with her on instagram (@youmique.studio) So happy to have her do a guest post on the blog this week!

I often hear the statement, that small business owners do not need a website. Most of the entrepreneurs I met are relatively fine with operating their business mainly on instagram or facebook. Even though, social media is super important to engage with your ideal clients, there are a lot of reasons why you would need your own website.

1. Your client expects it

Nowadays, clients expect you to have a clean website where they can find more information on you. They want to get the information quickly without scrolling through 800 instagram posts. Having a website will make you appear professional and gives you even more opportunity to present your business to your ideal client.

2. Advertising might cost you thousands of dollars

Having a website is a very effective way to promote your business. Since traditional advertising is super expensive, you can use your website to optimize it for search engines. People are using Google everyday and you have the chance to appear in front of your ideal client with minimal investments! Isn't that awesome?

3. Branding

A brand is not a logo. A brand is the way you are living your business. And this is where you can use your website to give your clients the opportunity to experience your brand. Using landing pages, you can also use storytelling to captivate your clients. Make it an experience. The more enjoyable it is, the longer you will stay in your clients' minds. Make it different. Stand out.

4. Analytics

Do you know what your ideal clients are thinking when they look at your instagram? No. But will you get a glimpse on the behavior of your clients when you use a website? Hell, yes! See how people are dropping off. See how long they are staying on the website. Look at the keywords! Analyze the most popular posts on your website and recreate them! Bring in all the traffic and optimize your website to be a powerhouse! Possibilities are endless if you are thinking strategically.

5. Automate your business

With a website you can automate your business. Sooner or later, a small business will turn into a big business, won't it? Start scaling now and automate your business, so you can actually be financially free at the end of the day!

And to end this post, I want to leave this one sentence: A website is an investment that will pay for itself.

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