5 Reasons You Should Hire a Logo Designer vs. Using Online Logo Generators

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

When starting a business, one of your most valuable assets is your logo. It's the face of your company and what your customers remember you by. While there are many online logo generators that allow you to quickly browse through hundreds of mass-produced logos using your business name, there are many important reasons to consider hiring a professional graphic designer to do the job.

1. You Get A 100% Original & Unique Logo

Working with a designer gives you a 100% original and unique logo for your brand and ONLY for your brand. Using online generators the logos are often sold not only to you, but to hundreds of others out there who will be using the same logo for their business. Your branding is one of your most valuable assets as a business, and having a unique, memorable brand that is yours alone makes you stand out from the competition!

2. You Get Professional Guidance

Working with a designer gives you the ability to make changes while having the guidance of a design professional alongside you for the experience. While these online logo generators often allow users to make changes to color, sizing, imagery, etc. It's important that your logo be following design principals in order to be visually appealing, cohesive, and lead to increased business for you! This is something that a professional designer will be experienced in and educated on and will be able to provide guidance to you on how to make your logo a perfect fit for your brand!

3. You Have a Designer Moving Forward

As a business, it is likely that you will need other design work done down the line. Whether that be a flyer promoting your next event, a business card to give to your customers, or a graphic for your next social media post -- there's always more you can do to promote your business! Having a relationship built with a designer who knows your business well will help create a cohesive brand that will be remembered by your customers. These are services that an online logo generator cannot provide - it's important to form the personal connection with a designer who will treat your business and branding with the care and attention it deserves!

4. You Get More Value

Working with a professional graphic designer, they're able to provide you with valuable assets for your branding aside from just a logo. They can provide you with an associated color scheme, logo variations for use on letterhead and social media, as well as fonts that will become associated with your brand. These elements work together to create a clean and cohesive appearance for your brand. Using an online logo generator, you will not have the opportunity to receive access to these additional assets that will bring increased value to your business!

5. You Are Able To Copyright & Trademark Your Logo

As mentioned previously, using these online logo generators, your logo will not be unique. This means - copyrighting your logo cannot happen as it's not 100% your own. It's important to have both your business name and logo copyrighted so that no one, unless they are associated with your business, can use them as their own. Working with a designer who can create a 100% unique logo for you, there will be no issues with getting your logo copyrighted, so you can start enjoying your new logo right away with no worries of others using it without your permission!

While it may seem fast and easy to use the online logo generators, it is worth the extra time and money to invest in your business by working with an established professional logo designer who can provide you with a unique logo just for your brand!

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