How to Use Print Marketing in a Digital Age

With small businesses and big corporations alike heavily focusing on social media as their most prominent marketing tool, it can be easy to feel like print marketing is a thing of the past. The days of business cards and flyers have been replaced with the cheaper and quicker alternative of social media posting. However, there are still often unseen benefits to the seemingly traditional route of print marketing! About a month ago I was contacted by PrimoPrint about a potential partnership putting their printing services to use to market my creative design business! As a graphic designer, I have done a lot of digital marketing on social media – this opportunity gave me a chance to consider how to use print marketing to impact my business.

As a part of my business, I have typically sold t-shirts and more recently stickers, with colorful designs + inspirational sayings. I decided to take these designs and create custom 4x6 postcards on PrimoPrint’s Kraft Paper (their most eco-friendly option!). I used social media to promote the cards to my customers as a set of 5 exclusive prints that could be framed, used as décor, or sent to friends as actual postcards! As I was marketing the postcards, I hosted a giveaway encouraging participants to follow my business, tag a friend + comment with their favorite postcard design from the set!

This marketing technique increases engagement on my page as my customers tag friends who may have an interest in my products or services as well. The cards also feature my Instagram username, so anyone who is a recipient of the cards in the future can find my business online! This unique method of using print marketing, allowed me to create a connection between the digital and print marketing worlds to promote my business to a wider audience in a unique way. Aside from giveaways, I have plans to use the remaining cards in the future to connect with my customers and social media audience in new ways, such as sending encouraging handwritten cards to past customers and clients to reconnect with them!

If you’re considering this method of marketing, I highly recommend checking out PrimoPrint. They were incredibly easy to work with and responded quickly to any questions I had throughout the process! After uploading the designs, they sent over previews of what it would look like on the paper I had chosen and allowed me to make revisions before sending them off to print! They shipped quickly and I had the cards within two weeks! Thanks to PrimoPrint I was able to find unique ways to promote my business using print marketing. This method has connected me to new potential customers and clients all over the globe who I look forward to continue connecting with, in the digital world!

Print marketing can be an amazing tool for your business, get started with yours here!


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