How Professional Photography Can Impact Your Business & Strengthen Your Branding

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You only have ONE chance at a good first impression, utilize it!

As a girl working in the center of visuals and branding, I’ve met many people who have either recently started their own business or already have an established company. Most of the complaints I have heard far too often is, “Why aren’t I seeing much success or growth?” or “Why aren’t I receiving more clients?”

Without hesitation, I can instantly recognize where their problem lies. They lack the visuals and branding that can best represent their company.

Most likely, one of the reasons why your business might be lacking the success and growth you need and desire is because you may not be offering your audience what they need to trust you.

Let’s get real. There have been many times where I would come across bad visual ads on Facebook. For example, a local, new realtor posted an ad for her professional services for homeowners. Initially, the goal was to get more Facebook likes and clients simply by posting some headshots and property listings that were snapped off using a cell phone. No harm in that right? Yes, actually.

Here’s the thing, you can become like most people who try to sell their random services with unprofessional pictures, poor lighting, and ‘crappy’ photos that cannot replace a customer’s five senses (using their discernment to trust you as a person/business). Simply put, how you represent, is what you will get.

Unless you’re a photographer, I wouldn’t advise you trying to take pictures of your product and/or service, or attempt to have a DIY photo-session with a friend to somehow create professional business portrait, product, or service shots for your company. You cannot accomplish this with positive results on your own. This is why we have professional photographers available to us!

The truth is, professional photographers have an eye to capture the value of a product, service, or the face of a company. As best stated, “Good photography adds authority and quality, which in turn generates the trust of a customer” (Wheal Kitty Studios). Therefore, when you hire a photographer to utilize their talent to add that needed authority and quality, you will have better chances to reach more clients. Now, let’s compare the difference in good vs. bad photos. Take a look at these two photos below, which would you say offers a more trust-worthy and professional appeal?

(Photo credit by: TNG Photography)

In the first photo, there are some obvious no, no’s here. First of all, the first photo was taken in front of a garage door! Second, the model’s face is overly exposed to the sunlight. While, there’s nothing wrong with taking photos outside in the sun, but the photographer would initially use ‘reflectors’ which utilize the natural light from the sun, not having the sunlight pointing like a spotlight on the subject’s face. However, in the second photo, you can notice a beautiful difference in the lighting, the overall quality and professionalism.

Hence, you only get one chance at a first impression. How are you going to utilize it? The answer? Hire a professional photographer.

Here’s the Basics:

1. Image is everything.

2. Makes a good first impression (draws interest, which leads to sales).

3. Builds trust and validity.

4. Tells who you are.

5. Communicates your product or service professionally.

So, if you’re ever wondering and questioning why professional photography should even be considered, it is the best decision to ever make. Simply put, we live in a generation that is drawn to visuals. What better way is there to utilize it! When you present your business with professionalism and eye-catching appeal, everyone will take notice from a glance. If you represent who you claim to be through professional photography, you will accumulate clients at a higher level. This is an important and primary principle for all successful companies.

While it is cheaper and easier to try DIY a professional photoshoot, the best option is to talk with a photographer who has the talent, skills, understanding, and time to take care of this important step in growing your business. There is great success in presenting yourself professionally to build that trust and credibility, especially with new clients. It is something you don’t want to skip over. However, it is the best tool to utilize a good first impression, which in turn can lead to more sales and clients to the maximum.

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